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Know simply enough about Dan Helmer to be deadly

While only some legislation turns into law, the initiatives Helmer champions are a clear indication of the change he seeks to bring to Virginia. From healthcare and education to economic justice and environmental stewardship, his sponsored bills mirror an extensive method of governance. Dan Helmer’s legislative record is a testament to the devotion of his to progressive values and his constituents’ needs. A brand new Division of Mental Health happens refer to this page for more tips be established to offer solutions to all those with mental health complications.

Many of the companies in the past charged with the responsibility of caring for mentally ill folks are transferred to this new division. Education is one other critical area where Helmer has wanted to make a positive change. He sponsored House Bill 1907, that proposed additional funding for public schools in economically disadvantaged areas. This legislation was designed to deal with the funding disparities that usually result in poorer academic outcomes for pupils in these places.

To set up a procedure for congressional documents during the 116th Congress being made available to the general public immediately after the conclusion of each and every Congress. In order to reform the power Department to successfully deal with the climate crisis. Protecting our Oceans Act. to be able to reinstate the separation of powers of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the United States government. Medicare-X Choice Demonstration Act of 202.

The Sustainable Public Pension Plans Act. The Disarm Hate Act of 202. No Taxpayer Funding for Trump’s Wall Act. The Congressional Budget Justification Transparency Act. The Enforcement of Discrimination Laws Act. In order to provide rewards for States to put into practice voter registration systems which include immediate voter registration with online application forms. To amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to provide consumers with the capacity to get into the credit scores of theirs for absolutely free over the websites of credit reporting agencies.

To make a public database of all public and private contracts awarded by the Executive Branch. Toning up Oversight of Parole (STOP) Act. to be able to enable people to opt from sharing their social security number online for purposes unrelated to their benefits or taxes. To increase the use of telehealth services for behavioral health as well as substance use disorder. Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Clergy Abuse Act.

To provide for increased Federal investment in researching on Alzheimer’s disease and associated dementias. To establish the Global Anti Corruption Coordination Act, and also for different applications. To prohibit the use of Federal money to arm teachers along with other school officials. To provide for congressional disapproval of the proposed rule published by the Department of Energy on September 20, 2024, titled Affirmative Determination for Small Modular Reactors Under 10 CFR Part.

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