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The Green Side of Pink in Project management
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The magazine is a circular economy project, with a philanthropic vision, where each of its members works for a common goal which is to communicate to raise consumer and industry awareness. At the same time, it offers members themselves the opportunity to specialize in sustainability issues and practice in the work area of their interest.


  • Oversee the correct functioning of your team’s departments.
  • Guiding the heads of each department: Editorial, Social Media, Human Resources, Marketing, etc.
  • Introduce and mentor new team members. 
  • Review data from our site analytics reports
  • Work hand in hand with human resources for the entry or exit of magazine members.
  • Online interview once a month.



  • Strong research spirit
  • Studies Editorial, Sustainability, Management.
  • Real interest in sustainability issues.
  • Proficiency in English language and at least B2 in an alternative language (Italian or Spanish). Depending on the group to which it belongs.
  • Availability for 6 months for this project with a workload of 8 hours per week.

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